Udbyhøj North is definitely worth an experience.


Udbyhøj is a small port town, which is divided by Randers Fjord close to the Kattegat estuary. On the north side, you will find the municipal Udbyhøj Marina from 2012 and Udbyhøj Beach.

The marina has around 200 boat berths and good facilities. North and south are connected by a cable ferry.

There is plenty of wildlife in the area. From the marina and northwards, all the way to Mariager Fjord, there is a large flat area. The area has great significance for resting and breeding birds. The seabed almost forms a tidal flat that is sometimes completely dry. Here you will find a diverse life of small animals such as mussels, snails, sea bristle worms, small fish and shrimp. These are the food source for many of the birds that come to the area and provide food for many fish. Therefore, there are also many seals in the area that can often be seen.

If you are into fishing, there are fantastic opportunities in Randers Fjord, which with its coastline of 28 kilometers is part of the Gudenå system. The area is a paradise for trout fishing, but there are also opportunities to catch both garfish, mackerel and salmon. There is also the exotic mullet as well as several species of flatfish, herring and mussels. There are several good fishing spots around Randers Fjord."




Crab fishing - Fishing - Beach - Toilet + bath - Shelters - Wadden Sea - Winter bathing - Sauna - Kayaking - Boat rental - Hiking

Child-friendly beach with Blue Flag

Really good opportunities for fishing in

Randers Fjord

Camping site

Randers Fjord Camping

Kayak og SUP rental



Beach volleyball and soccer field and playground.

Equipment base with crab catchers, fishing nets, binoculars and stereo magnifiers.

Bonfire and barbecue areas as well as a lunch box house.


Is og pandekager Udbyhøj

Havfruen Udbyhøj

If you need anything else for the kids, you can look here






In the old fishing village of Udbyhøj by Randers Fjord, 3 B&B apartments have been arranged in the city’s old inn “Udbyhøjbo”


The apartments are located on Randers Fjord, in the middle of the most beautiful nature in Randers Fjord Nature Park. You will be neighbors with both the fjord, the marina and the beautiful child-friendly beach with Blue Flag.


“Udbyhøjbo” is the perfect base for a wonderful holiday. You are close to nature, water and there are not far to experiences for the whole family




Udbyhøjbo is a really good base for holidays, as it is centrally located for a lot of experiences.

Walks along the dike to Sødringholm beach and forest.

With a nice boat trip with the cable ferry to the other side, you get access to a lot of experiences in Djursland.

You can choose to visit the numerous beaches along the coast or visit some of the parks.

Gammel Estrup Herregårdsmuseum

Djurs Sommerland

Ree Park Safari

Skandinavisk dyrepark

Kattegatcentret Grenaa

Golfskoven Århus

You can also choose to drive about 30 km to Randers and visit some of their experiences such as

Randers Regnskov

Water og Wellness Randers

Memphis Mansion

If you want to shop, there are plenty of small shops in the small streets in the center of Randers or you can go to the shopping center in Paderup.